Online University Classes

Online University Courses

For obvious reasons, computer graphics and design is well-suited to online learning. Since you are learning about creating web-based graphics, what is a better way to learn it than through a web-based learning program? Check out opportunities in the computer animation field.

And, somewhat surprisingly, the trades and services training industry is coming around as well by developing some internet-delivered training content and classes. While many trades are traditionally taught in a hands-on learning environment, schools are beginning to understand how to deliver some of the same education via video and online chats. Check into trade and vocational learning options.

Online school options will vary by where you live. Many colleges only offer online classes to current students attending their campus. So if you aren't currently living near their campus -- you can't enroll in their online courses either.

As an example, check out the different options available for students living in these cities:

Louisville, Kentucky

Memphis, Tennessee

Whichever direction you decide to go in, just make the best choice you can with the information you have. Work hard and try to have some fun too.

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